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A One stop solution for all your travel needs. Travkart is a Unit of Holidays by Sahibji Pvt Ltd. Travkart one of its kind online platform to book fixed departures inspiring people to - Ghoomna to Banta Hai! Offers both Air & Non-Air packages to the most alluring holiday destinations in India and across the globe.

When you register on, you will receive TravCash as a reward point from Travkart which is visible in your Wallet after you login. You can use up to 500 TravCash while booking Domestic package and up to 1000 TravCash in International Package.

When you go on, you can see Search Bar with Advanced Options, you need to click on advance options and there you can see a tab stating Departure From. In search you need to put Goa and in Departure From you need to select Mumbai and click on Search. Then you will get all the packages only from Mumbai.

Yes, you can surely book a two wheeler in Goa through, while booking the package and even after the package has been booked. Firstly you need to login in Travkart. When you book the Goa package, you can find an Add-on tab through which you can add activities. While booking the package click on Add-ons tab and select Rent a Scooty for full day in Goa or any other activity you would like to book, this activity cost will add in the package cost. Also you can download the Travkart app which is available in both Android & IOS, which would be more feasible to work upon. If you want to book the scooty while your on-going tour or any other activity, for that you can book from both through website of Travkart as well as Travkart app by logging into your account and click on 'My Bookings' and add the add-on activities accordingly.

You can book a Jet Ski through once you are logged in. You can book the particular activity through website of Travkart and as well as through Travkart mobile app by clicking on 'My Bookings' and then clicking on the add-on activities. (Refer from the A.4.)

Travkart is a division of Holidays by Sahibji which is a part of Sahibji Travels & Tours Pvt Ltd. which is 25 years + old company. Travkart we have launched a year back which is the only portal which deals in tailor made packages with fixed departures and have more than 3500+ itineraries for both Domestic & International with also a very unique feature called 'Search by Budget' where in you can search the packages in both Domestic or International & Land or Air, according to your budget.

No! GST is excluding in the cost of packages, but while you will proceed with booking at the end of filling all details you would get the total cost with bifurcation of GST as well.

Yes, you can earn up to 5 times through refer & earn.

Yes, you can pay the package booking amount in 3 instalments in Travkart.

Yes, you can pay the package booking amount through different cards.

Yes, we may take the differently abled people with our group if you wish to send them along.

No, if you are booking a package just to check the procedure, the TravCash would not be deducted from your Wallet unless you make the payment and confirm the booking. Even if you go on till payment page selecting the TravCash but do not do the payment, TravCash would not be debited from your Wallet.

Yes, while you are traveling and if you're unable to login/book any package/add-on activities due to low internet connections, Travkart can do the same for you. Also you have another option by adding sub-users so that in case you want to do any bookings, your sub-users can do the same accordingly and also in that case you do not need to provide them your own Username & Password. Also you will be having the right to provide your sub-users the specific authorities to operate the Travkart account on your behalf.

Yes, if you are a B2B agent you can hold the booking for 24 hours.

Yes, if you want to your own travel company, Travkart assists you with an opportunity to build your own organisation with The White Label or Franchisee of Travkart.

Yes, if you are our White Label agent we will be providing you the 24/7 support regarding booking of packages and guiding over the same. Technical support will only be available in the working hours, as these days everyone has their own technical support.

No, there are no extra charges if you make the payment through Debit card, Credit card or Net banking as Travkart will bear the service charge for the same.

There are two ways to do it. Firstly, you need to drop an email to Travkart Team with the specific package you want to get uploaded. Once they will receive it they will verify it and then upload it accordingly. Secondly, you can also join us as Supplier and put the package, but for that as well our team will verify the same and then will upload it on

If you are an Agent or a Supplier, you will get the same B2B rates in But in order to get the B2B rates as Supplier, you need to register with as Agent.

The unique feature Compare option of Travkart, is available when you need to compare the packages on the spot be it with login or without login.

Favouriteís option is a unique feature of Travkart. When you want to mark the packages into Favourites, you can find a 'heart' symbol in all the packages. You need to click on that heart symbol and it would be directly added into favourites. You can add number of packages you want to add in Favourites. You can only retrieve your packages you have put in Favourites only if you are logged into your account.

If you forget to make the left out payment, the package will be automatically cancelled. Also if you forget to make the payment on time, we have another feature due to which you will start receiving reminder alerts for your every due payment.

For joining with as Supplier, you need to go to our website, click on Join Us Tab and then click on 'Supplier Sign Up' Tab in order to get registered with us.

Yes, you can join us as Agent & Supplier both with same Email ID & information but the Username should be different.

Firstly, the registration in is Free of Cost. By registering with as B2B agent, you get the B2B rates. Secondly, it's a platform available for all who wants to travel. We have a unique feature called Search by Budget under which you can search the destinations which fall under your pocket budget, be it Domestic or International and Land or Air package and many more reasons to go for the registration with

Yes, you can surely review your experience with Travkart in App Store/Play Store.

Yes, you can surely change/update your personal information by logging in with your Username & Password and then clicking on My Profile. It will redirect you to your Profile Settings page and there you can see an option of Edit Profile. Click on Edit Profile change the information you would like to edit and click on Update, it will be updated.

Yes, it is very much safe to give your personal information as Travkart does not misuse any personal information as we do not allow anyone to access your personal information.

First you need to go to and click on Login which will show you the options Login via Facebook or Gmail. Here you can click on either of the options to login

The cancellation charges are mentioned in every package separately under booking procedure.

Yes, if you cancel any booking TravCash would be deducted at the time when you book the package.

Yes, you can customize the package as if you want to add-on any activity to your package, Refer from the A.4. Also if you want some other more inclusions or any amendments in the package, you can drop us an email at for the Domestic Packages and for International Packages.

No, if you are giving any itinerary to your customer, nowhere would be coming the name of You can send the itinerary to your customer by downloading it as a PDF or Doc.

You can contact us on our direct number i.e. +918010038038 for any assistance and our representative will guide you for the same. Also you can drop us an email at and our team will get back to you ASAP.

Yes you will surely be accompanied with a guide through but on a chargeable basis and also subject to availability.

We have several modes of payment. You can make the payment from any of these options: Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking and also we do not charge any service tax for any of the payment made to

Yes, it is definitely possible to book Land Package and Air Tickets separately through Travkart offline by sending us an email for domestic on and for international on If you book directly through, you will get a benefit of using TravCash while you are booking any package and also you will receive the TravCash which is a reward from Travkart, a form of cash back in your wallet of

Yes, you can surely make group booking through Travkart by signing up through Corporate Login.

White Label is a product or service manufactured by one company which is purchased by other companies who sells the product or service with their own brand name to give an impression that the company owns that product. Also we can say that White Label is a product or service that is made by one company and sold by another with their branding.

There are several benefits of taking White Label of if you want to start your own travel company. White Label helps you promote your brand name. Travkart provide you tailor made packages with fixed departures at a very low cost. Travkart provides you all the features to increase your market value and have easy sell up of the product. You can sell the packages under your brand name. For better assistance call us at 80100 38038