Take a trip to nirvana

This summer, bring down the mercury levels and escape the soaring temperatures with our family summer vacations packages or if you’re planning on going on a solo trip or perhaps a getaway with your friends, explore the southern coasts and Canadian beauty which are bound to leave your mind refreshed and your zeal up again. Dive into the season’s scorching heat with a summer getaway along with your family and escape the brutal side of the season. The phrase ‘going south’ might not be a positive one but we assure you your travel this summer to the exotic lands of south and west will be. Travel to the tapestry of colours, cultures, flavours, landscapes, timelessness and heart-stopping beautiful land of the south and experience the tranquillity which is bound to indulge you into a sense of vacation. Head over to the western grounds and explore the Canadian destinations for tour and travel.


Karnataka, known for its rich heritage and culture and would make you fall in love with some of the most breath-taking locations of nature and would allow you to experience tranquillity that you have most longed for. With Karnataka tour packages tips experience The Jog Falls, the tea estates in the Scotland of India or the spectacular view of the Sunrise at Nandi Hills, Karnataka is the place to visit this summers. Well known for its serene beaches, Mangalore is another place not many know about but has become one of the ultimate beach retreat places. Calling it the little Goa or the replica of Goa, this place experiences many foreign travellers every month. Consisting of a population with diversity in culture and religion, the state is spread over with some of the most beautiful churches, temples and masjids. Each architecture having beautiful engravings and history worth the knowledge, every one of them centuries old and captivating. Seek peace and take a break on a spiritual note and visit Karnataka, that has got it all sorted.


Canada, the second largest country in the world, has no shortage of beautiful landscapes and unique sites for travellers to explore. From coast to coast, the country is home to vibrant and culturally rich cities, falling abreast with incredible natural wonders. The Rocky Mountains, in Western Canada, cities of Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary dominate most itineraries. In Central Canada, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Montreal and Qubec City are some of the most popular destinations. Checkmark these few tips to book Canada tour package and venture out to Canada’s Maritime Provinces in the east, the picturesque beauty of Gros Morne National Park, along with the cities of Halifax and St John’s will provide their own unique character. Heading towards the road less taken, but equally impressive, is Canada’s North, where great rivers flow out to the Arctic Ocean, creating an incredible territory for canoeists, as well as polar bears which can be seen in the wild. Travellers can explore the remote beauty of places like Nahanni National Park and the towns and cities of Churchill, Whitehorse and YellowKnife. The village called Whistler gained international attention in 2010 when it became one of the locations for the Winter Olympic Games during the same year. The area offers world-class skiing, hotels, and dining, with a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities and beautiful mountain scenery. Plan a getaway this summer and enjoy a bucket load of things that you can do with your family and make memories with your loved ones.

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