If you are on holiday in India, then you should not fail to take advantage and enjoy the great Hindu Diwali festival. It’s a festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil in general terms. Diwali is translated as “row of lights”, which is why it is also known as the Festival of Lights.

However, if you already know it or are tired of doing the same thing all the time during the Diwali, then you should check out this little guide to some of the places you can visit during the weekend of this Hindu holiday. These are 7 countries of Southeast Asia that will allow you to live an extraordinary and unforgettable adventure.



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In Vietnam, there are several tourist attractions which have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Among these places are Ha Long Bay, the Imperial City of Thang Long, the great Hindu Sanctuary My Son, the Phong Nha-Ke Bang, and the Hue Monuments complex. Each of these places is really attractive and have unique features that really make the Diwali festival different. There are places in Vietnam where special activities also take place during the Diwali: Ho Chi Minh City and in the capital city, Hanoi, you can appreciate the colors that decorate the sky during this beautiful festivity.







Cambodia is actually a place that should be visited on a long holiday, really worth spending several days on this land. However, you can also do different tours through the temples and beautiful landscapes that characterize this place. Here you can also practice adventure activities such as swimming, safari to observe birds or snorkeling.¬†Among the attractive places that can be visited during the Diwali is Phnom Penh, the capital of the city in which you can get wonderful views of the “lights” in the sky.








If your adventure begins in India, we recommend the following road trip: India-Myanmar-Thailand. It may seem like a really long trip, but if you do it with your friends or family you will be able to appreciate beautiful views of South Asia as you travel through Myanmar and Laos to Thailand. During the Diwali, you can visit in Myanmar the city of Mandalay where you can appreciate a beautiful view of the city and some unique landscapes.









As is well known, Thailand is one of the most touristy places in the world worth visiting at any time of the year. In this country, you can see some of the world’s largest statues such as the golden statue of Buddha, and you can also visit the Samutprakan crocodile zoo which is in the world’s largest crocodile bred in captivity. You can also take advantage of the offers made during the Diwali at the Thai market, one of the most popular in the world. You can also enjoy the festival in almost every corner of the country.







Malaysia cannot be missing from your list of places to visit during the festival or during your holidays. In this place, you can enjoy the delicious and picturesque beaches that characterize it. In addition, you can not miss the opportunity to do shopping in Malaysia, and much more during the Diwali that makes more offers. The Diwali festival can also be seen in any part of the city, people usually gather in popular squares or streets to enjoy it.








Indonesia is another destination you can’t miss during the Diwali Festival. The history and culture of this country are really amazing, and you have to dare to do its different adventure activities, such as walking on volcanic mountains. On the other hand, if you love the beach and Malaysia was not enough for you, you can visit the beaches of Bali and enjoy the Asian sea. You can not leave Indonesia without visiting Bali, this place celebrates the Diwali in a very special way.








Last but not least, there is the Philippines, a destination that everyone should know about. In this place, you can enjoy the best holidays in the world, although many resemble it to how cheap rum is, an alcoholic drink can be cheaper than a juice. However, body massages are an absolute relaxation and language is not a difficulty for anyone.The Embassy of India in the Philippines holds the Diwali Festival like never before, so it might be your best option to travel during this holiday.

Don’t wait any longer, if all you do during the Diwali is stay at home or in India but want to know and enjoy something new, then pack your suitcase and look for a tourist package to one or more of these places.

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