Rann Festival of Gujrat

Rann Utsav Festival

Rann utsav festival is one of India’s most unique cultural festival in Gujrat. During the winters, the festival showcase the colors of art and culture of Gujrat. It starts from October till the third week of February every year. Are you ready to visit the myriad of art, culture, folk songs and natural beauty in Gujrat this year?

Walk with Moon

Known for its breathtaking natural beauty and moon takes all the credit during the full moonlight. There are no beaches and big green parks, its all about miles of white dessert or miles of white salt flats as far as you can see. The beauty of the moon dances over the white salt desert and gives you one of the most blissful experiences. Runn kutch festival is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. You can also take a visit to nearby villages and to the Indo-Pak border. Our Rann tour packages will take you to glimpses of rural life, desert safari and the grand Rann festival. Some prefer to enjoy the unending beauty of the place and there are many who are involved in many activities planned by the tourism departments.


How to Reach?

It is accessible from both Ahemdabad and Bhuj. Both the cities are well connected with entire India by air which adds ease to International travelers. Once you get down either at Bhuj or Ahemdabad, you can get a bus or taxi to reach the Rann. The villages of Dhordo and Hodka are the border of the Rann. Our Ran tour packages take care of your entire airport transfers.


Where to stay?

Many options are available to stay, you can choose to stay in a bhunga or in a tent. The bhungas or tent is rustic mud house. In our rann festival tour packages, you can choose to stay in white Rann festival and delve yourself into the mystics of Rann festival and beauty. It offers air-conditioned tents and bhungas with all amenities of a luxury resort.


Kutch is also known for its varieties of shades, natural wealth, festival, safari, music, traditions, food, and accommodation.  Be ready to enjoy the most classic and traditional music along with a beautiful folk dance. You are surely going to get a dance with your soul with Sufi sangeet and Rajasthani dance. With a bonfire, you are going to be bonded with their traditional attire and musical instruments.


 India is land of spirituality and you can feel the reflection in Rann also. Here are a lot of significant temples. Visit the Narayan Sarovar, it is one of five holy ponds according to Shri Bhagveda Geeta. People here are devotees to God and religion. You can also go to visit Koteshwar temple, a temple of lord shiva and mentioned in Ramayana.  Another attraction in the category of the temple is an old Dattatryea temple which is believed to be 400 years old.


Buy beautiful handicrafts and arts, wall paintings, creative artifacts leather articles, jewelry. Our tour guides assist you to experience the finger-licking recipes.

Runn of Kutch is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime and let your mind, body, and soul experience the synchronization of the moon and white salt desert. Pick a selfie with the moon and make it your dream trip with our Rann tour packages. 

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